Westland Wasp

The Westland Wasp was a British small first-generation gas-turbine powered shipboard anti-submarine helicopter. Produced by Westland Helicopters it came from the same P.531 programme as the British Army Westland Scout and was based on the earlier piston-engined Saunders-Roe Skeeter. It fulfilled the requirement of the Royal Navy for a helicopter small enough to land on the deck of a frigate and carry a useful load of two homing torpedoes.

* Westland Wasp HAS Mk. I Westland Wasp HAS Mk.1
Westland Wasp HAS 1 Initial training was carried out by 702 Squadron, at Royal Naval Air Station Portland for both air and 2
Believe it or not, it is twenty years since the Westland Wasp was withdrawn from Royal Navy service.3
Fujimi 30138 Westland Wasp HAS Mk1 - Scale: 1:48 Producer: Fujimi Item code: Fujimi 30138 4
Hey Guys, Can Anyone tell me if the Westland Wasp Helicopter is Available in Model Form? Reason i'm Asking:The Final Option! i thought the Helo used by the SAS was a Westland Wasp and would like 5
I am after some scale plans of the Westland Wasp for a on going project I am doing.6
Kits of family WESTLAND WASP on scale 1/48: WESTLAND WASP HAS MK1 FUJIMI - 30019 Kits of family WESTLAND 7
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The Westland Wasp carries a crew of two and up to four passengers or freight in the rear cabin or 1500 lbs of freight carried as a slung load and up 10

Made by Westland Helicopters.

It is the successor of the Saro P.531 .

The Westland Wasp was a British small first-generation, gas-turbine powered, shipboard anti-submarine helicopter. Produced by Westland Helicopters, it came from the same P.11
The Westland Wasp was a general purpose helicopter, basically a derivative of the British Army Scout helicopter, with the requirement of being small enough to land on Royal 12
The Westland Wasp was developed as a light anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare helicopter for operations from small ships and was the first of a new generation of gas-turbine 13
The Westland Wasp was predominantly used by the British Navy in the torpedo bombing and close support roles.14
Various shots of a Westland Wasp helicopter coming in towards the platform. Various shots as it lands on the platform and stays there as it rolls about. M/S as it takes off again.15
Welcome to the new Westland Wasp for FSX. Thius gmax aircraft was designed by UKMIL.16
Westland Wasp HAS Mk.17
Westland Wasp HAS Mk.1 = conversion set - Airwaves - Nr.18
Westland Wasp HAS1 - G-KAXT - Kennet Aviation - United Kingdom Westland Wasp HAS1 - G-KAXT - Kennet Aviation - United Kingdom Reports including Kennet Aviation 19
Westland Wasps differed from Scouts in having a folding tail boom, inflatable flotation gear in two external strut-mounted pods and quadricycle landing gear, with braked and castoring wheels.20
More Users
Royal Malaysian Navy
Royal Netherlands Navy
Royal New Zealand Navy
Height Main
Height Alt
2.72 m
Saro P.531
Length Alt
12.30 m
Max Takeoff Weight Main
Jet Or Prop
Range Main
303 miles
Max Speed Alt
Type Of Prop
Loading Main
Power/mass Main
Developed From
Saro P.531
Power/mass Alt
up to four passengers
Max Speed Main
120 mph
Cruise Speed Main
110 mph
Max Takeoff Weight Alt
Ceiling Main
Number Built
One pilot
one Aircrewman
*Naval: 2 x Mk 44 or 1 x Mk 46 torpedo or 2 x Mk 44 depth charges or WE.177 600lb Nuclear Depth Bomb.*Attack: 4 x SS-11 replaced by 2 x AS.12 missiles. *General: GPMG
4.5 Flares
Smoke-flame floats.
Cruise Speed Alt
Area Main
Primary user
Span Alt
9.83 m
Plane Or Copter?
Power Alt
Rolls-Royce Nimbus 103
First Flight
United Kingdom
National Origin
United Kingdom
Climb Rate Main
Power Main
Number Of Props
Climb Rate Alt
7.3 m-s
Length Main
inc rotor 40 ft 4 in
Span Main
Area Alt
75.9 m²
Range Alt
Similar Aircraft
* Aérospatiale Alouette II* Aérospatiale Alouette III* Kamov Ka-15
* Saunders-Roe Skeeter* Saunders-Roe P.531* Westland Scout
Empty Weight Main
Ceiling Alt
720 m
Empty Weight Alt
Loading Alt

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