Flying is a common, every day event for many people, especially those in entertainment as well as the world of business. However, there are those who have never set foot on a plane because of an overwhelming fear of taking off from the ground while others have flown with negative experiences that have soured them on flying as well. However, for those who have been crippled by anxiety for flying, there is hope. There are simple steps that can be taken to make the experience a postivite one and bring someone back up in the air, opening the door to travel.
  1. Relax. Finding a way to relax is key. A person can participate in meditation courses, bring soothing music on headphones, or ask a physician for a sedative to take the edge off of the nerves before taking flight. When in the proper state of mind, flying can be likened to a walk in the park. It is up to the individual to find the best methods to ease a trip in the air.
  2. Arrange the proper seating. For the person who is nervous about flying, sitting by a window is not advisable and those seats are generally coveted by most. Make it clear that a window is not preferred. By being tucked away in a central location, once one is in the air, there isn't even an awareness of motion. Also, sitting at the front reduces the impact of turbulence. First class is always another alternative. With the combination of preferential seating, perks that are sure to impress and distract a person, and the ability to take a snooze with a pillow and blanket, this is a great way to defeat fear of flying if the option is affordable.
  3. Share anxiety with others. By making it clear to attendants and seat mates, the issue will be out in the open and others are more likely to do everything possible to accommodate someone with such a fear. When engaged in conversation and surrounded by others who are supportive, it's easy to deal with the negative feelings involved in flight.
  4. Distraction is important. Bring crosswords, word searches, magazines and books, anything that will take the attention away from flying. Find that something that really engrosses the mind.
  5. Bring rubber bands or soft balls, something to keep the hands busy. Also breathe deeply and often to keep anxiety levels under control, while staying away from any beverages that would make one nervous. Stress relief is possible when taking flight.