Sofreh Mahi
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Sofreh Mahi is an Iranian UCAV under development.. Little is known about the drone but scaled down mock ups shown during Iranian Army Day 2010 parade show that it has a flat diamond shape body with twin vertical stabilizers. First refers to the drone was given by Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Air Force General Aziz Nasirzadeh who reported that the first tests of the drone were finished.

Sofreh Mahi, which means Manta Ray, the report said.1
directlly to your inbox regarding Sofreh mahi (Flat fish) , then try to cry !!!!….2

Made by Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company.

tested a “radar-evading” drone, the Sofreh Mahi (announced somewhat ludicrously in the propaganda arm Fars News next to a photo of the American B-2 bomber breaking the sound barrier).3
Stealhtdrone des Typs Sofreh Mahi in US-Amerikanischen Ulftraum eingedrungen. Antwort schreiben 10.12.4
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