SkyHook JHL-40
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The SkyHook JHL-40 is a hybrid airship-helicopter currently in development. On July 9 2008 Boeing announced that it had teamed up with SkyHook International a Canadian company to develop this aircraft. According to company spokepeople the aircraft will combine the best features of a blimp and a helicopter and will be capable of carrying a 40 ton load up to 200 miles (320 km) without refueling.

SkyHook JHL-40 – High Tech Zeppelin der Zukunft - 13 Jul 2008 | By SantaCruze Der SkyHook JHL-40 ist ein neues Luftfahrzeug welches wie ein 1
Part blimp, part helicopter, the SkyHook JHL-40 aircraft is capable of transporting a 40-ton sling load up to 200 miles, Boeing says.2
The SkyHook JHL-40 is a hybrid airship/helicopter currently in development.3
And as craft like the Skyhook JHL-40 show, there is a new breed being developed which will allow air cargo transit to become greener than it currently is and to challenge road haulage as 4
The SkyHook JHL-40 is a neutrally buoyant heavy-lift aircraft being designed and built by Boeing for SkyHook International Inc.5

Made by Boeing.

and part blimp, the SkyHook JHL-40 could open new avenues for mining companies to quickly relocate heavy equipment in remote areas Mines located in distant, undeveloped areas 6
* SkyHook JHL-40, ein nicht umgesetztes Luftschiffprojekt (2008-2010) von Boeing zum Transportieren von Lasten bis 40 Tonnen, ähnlich dem Piasecki 7
Der SkyHook JHL-40 wird eine Nutzlast von 40 Tonnen heben und über eine Entfernung von etwa 320 Kilometer in unwegsamen Gegenden, beispielsweise der kanadischen Arktis oder Alaska, ohne Zwischentanken 8
* SkyHook JHL-40, experimental combination airship/helicopter in development by Boeing, primarily for low impact logging * Cessna CH-1, nicknamed Cessna Skyhook; helicopter 9
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*Piasecki PA-97*Cargolifter
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