Pilatus PC-9
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The Pilatus PC-9 is a single-engine low-wing tandem-seat turboprop training aircraft manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland.

geoffc Follow Offline geoffc wrote seagull models Pilatus PC-9 on May 10, 2007, 20:57:27 PM Looking for a new model quite like the look of the seagull models Pilatus 1
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The Pilatus PC-9 is widely used by many air forces throughout the world.3
The Pilatus PC-9 is a single-engine, low-wing tandem-seat turboprop training aircraft manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland.4
Six years later, in December 1985, the Pilatus PC-9 turboprop was selected after a complicated evaluation period during which the Embraer Tucano, Norman Turbo Firecracker, Pilatus PC-7, developed CT-4 variants, locally designed 5
Pilatus PC-9 within Croatian AF replaced Utva 75 light aircraft in the advanced training role.6
* IRIS Releases Pilatus PC-9 Pro Series for FS2004/FSX Microsoft Flight Simulator X IRIS Releases Pilatus PC-9 Pro Series for FS2004/FSX = 7
RAAF Pilatus PC-9/A assigned to Central Flying School at RAAF Laverton (Ā© 1991 - 2010 Carlo Kopp, M645/1000S).8
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The Pilatus PC-9 Roulettes RAAF Airplane Model is an excellent model that will liven up any room. Such an astonishing model will certainly be a great conversation piece.10

Made by Pilatus Aircraft.

It is the successor of the Pilatus PC-7 .

The ultimate ARTF Pilatus PC-9? We think so! With a span of 1840mm (72.44ā€) this is a large model, with the performance to match.11
BLACKHORSE Pilatus PC-9 ARTF (Kit avion seul) = 5,400 DH BLACKHORSE Pilatus PC-9 ARTF The ultimate ARTF Pilatus PC-9? We think 12
The Pilatus PC-9 2FTS RAAF model airplane is made of the finest kiln dried renewable mahogany wood (commonly known as Lauan or Meranti) which has undergone many stages of carving and meticulous 13
The Pilatus PC-9 is a Basic/Advanced Trainer aircraft/Light attack aircraft and is fully aerobatic out of the box.14
This Pilatus PC-9 Grey RAAF model plane is for sure one of the most appropriate and desirably collectible gifts for every military aviation enthusiast and avid aircraft collector whilst also 15
There is just something about the Pilatus PC-9 that strikes a chord in me, and the Seagull Models 1.20-size version of this fantastic plane is no exception.16
Pilatus PC-9 M great asset for the military Give Points to This Aircraft 1 2 17
I have always been a fan of the Pilatus PC-9, particularly the version used by the Royal Australian Air Force Roulettes aerobatics team. I fly the model available from Phoenix models in .18
Pilatus PC-9 for FS2002 = The Pilatus PC-9 is a Swiss-designed, turboprop trainer used by countries around the 19
More Users
Air Corps (Ireland)
Royal Australian Air Force
Royal Saudi Air Force
Royal Thai Air Force
Range Km
Developed Into
Beechcraft T-6 Texan II
Pilatus PC-7
Eng 1 Type
Cruise Speed Kmh
Cruise Speed Note
KTAS at 10
000 ft
More Performance
*Take-off distance over 50 ft obstacle at sea level: 1
300 ft *Landing distance over 50 ft obstacle at sea level 2
255 ft
Eng 1 Kw
Developed From
Pilatus PC-7
Power/mass Imp
Power Original
flat-rated at 708 kW
Span Ft
Similar Aircraft
* KAI KT-1* PZL-130 Orlik* Embraer EMB 312 Tucano-Short Tucano
Number Built
one or two pilots
Wing Loading
Empty Weight Kg
Gross Weight Kg
Eng 1 Number
Primary user
Max Takeoff Weight Kg
Stall Speed Kmh
Climb Rate Ms
Stall Speed Note
CAS flaps and gear up
67 KCAS flaps and gear down
First Flight
Eng 1 Name
Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-62
Wing Area Sqm
Max Speed Kmh
Span In
National Origin
Production Start Year
Length Ft
Height M
Power/mass Met
Prime Units
Ceiling M
+ 7.0 g + 4.5 gā€“ 3.5 g ā€“ 2.25 g
* Pilatus PC-7* T-6 Texan II* Pilatus PC-21
Length In

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