North American BT-9

The North American Aviation BT-9 was a low-wing single piston engine monoplane primary trainer aircraft that served with the United States Army Air Corps (USAAC) and other allied countries during World War II. It was a contemporary of the Kaydet biplane trainer and was used by pilots in Basic Flying Training following their completion of Primary in the Kaydet. In United States Navy (USN) service it was designated the NJ-1.

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was essentially, a modified North American BT-9 which was the predecessor of the AT-6 and SNJ advanced trainer. Wirraways were built, under license, by Australia's Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation).2
At the end of September, he flew North American BT-9 and AT-6 at Randolph and Kelly airfields, near San Antonio, where he met his future wife Marilyn Giesler.3
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Made by North American Aviation.

It is the successor of the North American NA-16 .

North American BC-1A, North American BT-9, North American NA-35, North American P51 "Mustang", Northrop N3PB, Piper J3, J4, J5, Pitcairn Autogiro, PA-36, Pratt & Whitney Wasp Jr.5
(3) North American BT-9 North American AT-6G Texan North American P-51B Mustang North American P-51B Mustang (Malcolm hood) North American P-51D Mustang North American P-64 North American B-25C 6
North American BT-9 in flight. In this excellent shot Mo Chung Yung is shown at the controls with instructor in the rear flying. 080128-f-3927s-104.7
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Jet Or Prop
Height Alt
4.1 m
North American NA-16
Length Alt
8.5 m
Power Alt
* List of military aircraft of the United States* List of aircraft of the Armée de l'Air
World War II
Range Main
877 mi
Loaded Weight Main
Max Speed Alt
Max Speed Main
170 mph
Developed From
North American NA-16
Cruise Speed Main
146 mph
Ceiling Main
Number Built
instructor and student
Unit Cost
Span Main
Cruise Speed Alt
Height Main
Primary user
Span Alt
12.8 m
Plane Or Copter?
Wright R-975-53
First Flight
April 1936
Loaded Weight Alt
Power Main
400 hp
Number Of Props
Length Main
Range Alt
* North American NA-16* T-6 Texan* CAC Wirraway
Ceiling Alt
020 m

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