Nakajima B5N

The Nakajima B5N was the standard torpedo bomber of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) for much of World War II. While the B5N was substantially faster and more capable than its Allied counterparts the TBD Devastator Fairey Swordfish and Fairey Albacore it was close to obsolescence by 1941. Nevertheless the B5N operated throughout the whole war due to the delayed development of its successor the B6N.

(Japan) Name of Model: Kate Nakajima B5N Kit #: 02:800 Type of Box: printed - stapled Date of Model: Late 1960's, early 1970's Condition of Box: Very good - top painting unscathed Condition of model: Mint 1
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Nakajima B5N Kate replica built for the movie Tora,Tora, Tora - Another view of the Nakajima B5N "Kate" replica at the Tango Squadron Chiang Mai 6
Nakajima B5N2 Kate in flight.7
Nakajima B5N Kate replica built for the movie Tora Tora Tora When the movie Tora Tora Tora was made there were no surviving Kates anywhere in the world.8
Nakajima B5N blev udviklet mod en specifikation den japanske flåden havde skrevet i 1935 til et nyt en-motors skibsbaseret taktisk bombefly.9
Le Nakajima B5N (japonais : 中島 B5N, désigné sous le code allié Kate) était le torpilleur standard de la Marine Impériale Japonaise lors de la Seconde Guerre mondiale.10
The Nakajima B5N known as the Kate to allied forces was the main torpedo plane used by Japanese forces at the start of WWII.11
Nakajima B5N2 Kate in flight.jpg B5N2 «Кейт» в полете.12
Nakajima B5N1 con un torpedo en un portaaviones.13
The Nakajima B5N "Kate" (Aircraft in Profile number 141). Leatherhead, Surrey, UK: Profile Publications Ltd., 1967. Reprinted 1972.14

Made by Nakajima Aircraft Company.

Die Nakajima B5N (Codename der Alliierten : Kate) war ein japanischer Torpedobomber und Horizontalbomber aus der Zeit des Zweiten Weltkriegs.15
Un aerosilurante Nakajima B5N1 "Kate" in decollo dalla portaerei giapponese Akagi. Un Nakajima B5N2 Model 12 "Kate" sorvola la pista di Hickam, 7 dicembre 1941.16
The Nakajima B5N Kate was one of the aircraft that participated in the attack on Pearl Harbour.17
De Nakajima B5N Kate (geallieerde codenaam: Kate) was een Japanse torpedobommenwerper in dienst van de Japanse Keizerlijke Marineluchtmacht.18
Nakajima B5N2 Kate in flight.jpg Türü Pike (Torpido) bombardıman Dönemi II.19
The Nakajima B5N was the Japanese Navy's standard carrier-based torpedo bomber for the first years of WWII.20
Nakajima B5N Kate of the same company (Hasegawa) and in scale 1:48: Nakajima B5N1 Kate 1:48 built by Hal Marshman on ARCair 21
Nakajima B5N, jonka tunnetuin malli on B5N2, oli Japanin keisarillisen laivaston käytössä ollut torpedopommittaja.22
Nakajima B5N2 Kate for Hasegawa Kit Eduard 1:48 48363> * Actions * Stash 23
Two Nakajima B5N Kates taxi back to the ramp after performing at a local airshow. The B5N Kate was involved in the bombing of Pearl Harbor during WWII.24
The Nakajima B5N (Japanese: 中島 B5N, Allied reporting name "Kate") was the standard torpedo bomber of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) for much of World War II.25
development of the Nakajima B5N and replaced that aircraft in service.26
more successful Nakajima B5N, but that also entered production and saw some limited front line service.27
Nakajima B5N Kate represented a major improvement in Japanese warplane design over earlier fixed-gear aircraft.28
Height Main
3.70 m
Height Alt
Length Alt
Max Takeoff Weight Main
Jet Or Prop
*List of military aircraft of Japan
Range Main
Loaded Weight Main
Max Speed Alt
Type Of Prop
Radial engine
Loading Main
Power/mass Main
Max Speed Main
Max Takeoff Weight Alt
Ceiling Main
260 m
Number Built
Loaded Weight Alt
Area Main
37.7 m²
Primary user
Span Alt
Plane Or Copter?
Power Alt
000 hp
Nakajima Sakae 11
First Flight
Climb Rate Main
6.5 m-s
Power Main
Number Of Props
Power/mass Alt
Climb Rate Alt
Length Main
10.30 m
Span Main
15.52 m
Area Alt
Range Alt
Similar Aircraft
*TBD Devastator*Fairey Albacore
*Nakajima B6N
Empty Weight Main
Ceiling Alt
Empty Weight Alt
Loading Alt

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