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The Learjet 85 is the latest Learjet development program by aircraft manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace. The program was launched on October 30 2007 and a mockup of the aircraft was unveiled in October 2008 at the NBAA show in Orlando. The Learjet 85 fits between the midsize and the super midsize segments of the market.

Bombardier Still Sorting Out Learjet 85 Production Plans By Robert Hewson, Show News/Geneva Bombardier (Booth 7521) says it now holds more than 120 Letters of Intent 1
Learjet 85 aircraft at our Mexico facility is underway," said Ralph Acs, Vice President, Learjet 85, Bombardier Business Aircraft.2
The Learjet 85 aircraft is here. The time to buy is now. - The Learjet 85* aircraft is all new.3
The Learjet 85 is the latest jet from Bombardier’s Learjet division and their best performing jet to date and is the production version of the Learjet NXT.4
The Learjet 85 program was launched in 2007 with entry-into-service expected in 2013.5
Learjet 85 program primary flight control package, which includes aileron, elevator and rudder components.6
* Bombardier inaugurates Learjet 85 manufacturing facility in Mexico Bombardier Aerospace has inaugurated the new facility at its site 7
Bombardier Learjet 85 aircraft program progressing on schedule Bombardier Aerospace today announced that several new milestones have been reached in its Learjet 85 aircraft program development.8
first Learjet 85 aircraft,” said Ralph Acs, Vice President, Learjet 85, Bombardier Business Aircraft.9
True to its legendary heritage, the Learjet 85 aircraft is set to deliver the extraordinary performance, superior technology and exceptional value Learjet aircraft owners expect.10
“The Learjet 85 aircraft’s cabin features more volume and comfort than any existing midsize offering and now our customer can experience it first hand,” said Steve Ridolfi, president, Bombardier 11
The Learjet 85 wing development is also progressing steadily with a proof of concept wing demonstrator underway.12
* Bombardier inaugurates Learjet 85 manufacturing facility in Mexico Click here... The Learjet 85 is on schedule for entry into service in 2013.13
Bombardier Learjet 85 Aircraft Program Progressing on All Fronts May 18, 2011 — Geneva Bombardier Aerospace’s Learjet 85 aircraft development program continues to forge ahead.14
Development of Bombardier Aerospace‘s Learjet 85 has moved from the detail design stage to the build, test and validate phase, the company said today in a program update.15
five midsize Learjet 85 and two large cabin Challenger 605 jets, from multiple companies of the same group, for principal operation in Germany by Munich-based Jet Air Flug.16
all-new Learjet 85 aircraft is the first FAR Part 25 certified business jet with both fuselage and wing built primarily from carbon composites and features the latest advances in 18

Made by Bombardier Aerospace.

for the Learjet 85 aircraft, and PPG was selected because of our expertise and history designing and producing sophisticated glass transparencies” “Bombardier Learjet wanted 19
Financial arrow Bombardier Learjet 85 Flight Test Aircraft Fabrication Underway Bombardier Learjet 85 Flight Test Aircraft Fabrication Underway Written by Bombardier Inc Monday, 10 20
Learjet 85 aircraft," said Fred Reid, President, Flexjet.21
With the anticipated delivery of the Learjet 85 in 2013, the first “buyer” of the Bombardier-built aircraft, Flexjet, recently announced the availability of its fractional jet ownership sales program for the 22
Learjet 85 aircraft enhance passenger comfort through the use of complex curves in the aircraft cross-section and thinner wall thickness to maximize cabin volume, creating the largest Learjet aircraft ever designed.23
Production of the new Learjet 85 aircraft has officially begun as the program successfully exited the Aircraft Level Critical Design Review.24
that the Learjet 85 will be developed by Grob Aerospace of Germany. Grob has built more than 3,500 composite airplanes, mostly gliders, over the past 30 years.25
choice in the Learjet 85 program," said Claude Lachapelle, vice-president, Business Aviation, Pratt & Whitney Canada.26
The Learjet 85 aircraft is capable of accommodating eight passengers in a traditional double-club seating arrangement. With approximately 30 inches (76.27
Learjet 85 who sign up for the new program.28
Bombardier's Learjet 85 represents a step forward in materials technology.29
Bombardier Learjet 85 Flight Test Aircraft Fabrication Underway 14.30
standards are met for the Learjet 85 aircraft’s entry into service in 2013. The Querétaro site is operational with production tooling in place.31
Aerospace on the Learjet 85 adds an exciting manufacturing dimension to the light business jets and trainer aircraft development and production activity already going on at our facilities.32
CORENA offers Learjet 85 suppliers easy transfer of S1000D data = Seattle, USA.33
The launch customer for Bombardier's new Learjet 85 is Bombardier.34
and secondary structures for Learjet 85 aircraft, with much of this work to occur in Wichita.35
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