Lavochkin La-7

The Lavochkin La-7 was a Soviet fighter developed during World War II. It was a development and refinement of the Lavochkin La-5 and the last in a family of aircraft that had begun with the LaGG-1 in 1938. It saw service with the Soviet Union from September 1944 served with the Czech Air Force through 1950 and the People's Liberation Army Air Force until at least 1954 .

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AC011 Russian Lavochkin La-7 Soviet VVS Fighter Regiment Spring 1944 £10AC011 Russian Lavochkin La-7 Soviet VVS Fighter Regiment Spring 1944 £10AC011 Russian Lavochkin La-7 Soviet VVS Fighter Regiment Spring 1944 £10AC011 Russian Lavochkin La-7 Soviet VVS Fighter Regiment Spring 1944 £10AC011 Russian Lavochkin 2
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Il Lavochkin La-7 (in caratteri cirillici Лавочкин Ла-7) era un caccia monomotore ad ala bassa progettato dall'OKB 301 diretto da Semën Alekseevič Lavočkin e sviluppato in Unione Sovietica 5
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Lavochkin La-7 Fin MiG MiG-1/MiG-3 Petlyakov Pe-3 Polikarpov I-16 Polikarpov I-180/I-185 Polikarpov ITP 10
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Made by LavochkinLavochkin OKB.

It is the successor of the Lavochkin La-5 .

Lavochkin La-7 Weekend Edition = Eduard - Nr.12
piloting his Lavochkin La-7 in a dogfight with a German Fw-190. Ivan Kozhedub, with 62 aerial victories, was the top scoring Allied fighter pilot of WW II.13
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The Lavochkin La-7 was a development of the successful La-5FN.16
The Lavochkin La-7 was an intermediate step in the evolution of the Lavochkin fighter family.17
The Lavochkin La-7 was the final wooden Lavochkin fighter, and considered by many the best fighter aircraft of the entire war, on either side.18
The Lavochkin La-7 was the ultimate wooden Lavochkin fighter, and very likely the best Soviet fighter aircraft of the war.19
The Tigercat and the Lavochkin La-7 are in production. All the required accessories, from the scale retractable landing gear to the cockpit details, are listed on the corresponding model’s page.20
Lavochkin LA-7 Fin -5¾in (14.5cm); Yakolev Yak-17 Feather -5½in (14cm); Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-3 -6in (15.2cm); Lavochkin LA-9 Fritz -6in (15.21
Wing Area Sqm
Lavochkin La-5
Eng 1 Type
Range Km
*List of military aircraft of the Soviet Union and the CIS*List of fighter aircraft
Eng 1 Kw
Developed From
Lavochkin La-5
Similar Aircraft
*Focke-Wulf Fw 190 *Hawker Tempest*Hawker Sea Fury*P-47 Thunderbolt*Kawasaki Ki-100*Yak-3U
Number Built
Max Speed Note
Gross Weight Kg
Span M
Primary user
Prop Blade Number
Prop Name
First Flight
February 1944
Eng 1 Name
Shvetsov ASh-82FN
Max Speed Kmh
Time To Altitude
Height M
Prime Units
Ceiling M
Eng 1 Number
Length M

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