Hawker P.1121

The Hawker P.1121 was an unbuilt British design for a supersonic fighter aircraft. The design was to be powered by either the de Havilland Gyron Bristol Olympus or Rolls-Royce Conway engines it was designed by a team headed by Sydney Camm and funded as a company project to meet an Air Ministry Operational Requirement (OR.339).

Thank's for the TSR-2 / Hawker P.1121 Image info, it came up just as you said & in high Resolution too.1
Hawker P.2
Hawker P.1121 2 seat ‘Hurricane’ Development Vickers Supermarine Type 565 Scimitar Development Proposed overseas types to fulfill GOR.3
The Hawker P.1121 was an unflown British design for a supersonic fighter aircraft. Hawker Siddeley P.1154 The Hawker Siddeley P.4

Made by Hawker Siddeley.

the loss of the Hawker P.1121, the loss of super expensive and often impractical designs like the p.1154 was most likely a blessing in surprise.5
Hawker P.1121 - Mach 2 multirole fighter in performance class of F-4, cancelled in 1957 with prototype almost complete, Hawker request to fly prototype for demonstration purposes refused.6
I got hold of a Hawker P.1121 made by Whirlybirds which is in their Whirlykits range. 1/72 scale and very nicely made in vacuform, resin and white metal.7

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