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The Grumman G-21 Goose amphibious aircraft was designed as an eight-seat commuter plane for businessmen in the Long Island area. The Goose was Grumman’s first monoplane to fly its first twin-engined aircraft and its first aircraft to enter commercial airline service. During World War II the Goose became an effective transport for the US military (including the Coast Guard) as well as serving with many other air forces.

Grumman Goose Crashing On Landing * Videos * Images * Wikipedia 1
Grumman Goose ads page at Classic Aircraft Classic Aircraft Homepage Grumman Goose Spare Parts at Classic Aircraft = 2
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There were about six Grumman Goose operating out of Port Hardy in 1986, three were with BCAir and had very spiffy white paint jobs.4
The Grumman Goose was originally designed as a commuter plane for wealthy businessmen and sportsmen but was soon recognized for its utility and dependability, and was quickly put 5
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the Grumman Goose? I'd like to build one of those in the livery of Penn Air.7
1977 Two Grumman Goose aircraft were purchased from Reeve Aleutian Airways, and the...8
Grumman Goose on Final Approach, Ocean Falls, BC = The near-ghost town of Ocean Falls, Bc, still has air service.9
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from Golden Eagle Squadron is the classic Grumman Goose, a twin engine amphibian designed in the 1930's to transport the wealthy from New York to Miami. For full details, click on Read More.11
First flown in 1937, the Grumman Goose was envisioned as a luxurious transport for the wealthy.12
reminded me of the Grumman Goose from that old 1980's TV series - "Tales of the Gold Monkey" I 13
The Grumman Goose served Catalina Island, for scheduled airline passenger service, in the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's and in 1984.14
The Grumman Goose is a small flying boat, with retractable landing gear for land based landings. This is not quite the real thing...15
On November 16, 2008, a Grumman Goose aircraft crashed on Thormanby Island, British Columbia, Canada, killing seven people.16

Made by Grumman.

Grumman Goose (G-21) Multirole Flying Boat = The Grumman Goose was a true unsung war hero in World War 2, involved in transport, training and at 17
This is a hi-detailed Grumman Goose model that will enjoy a lot of modelers with a very good price/quality ratio as the close pics attest.18
Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Grumman Goose Grand Canyon Tour Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Grumman Goose Grand Canyon Tour * Order: Reorder * Duration: 19
The Grumman Goose was developed to satisfy the needs of 10 businessmen who wanted a modern replacement for the Loening Air Yacht and Commuter ...20
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Grumman Goose has served coast for many years as 'flying-boat workhorse' = The Grumman Goose is known as "the flying-boat workhorse," says 23
Grumman Goose Photos of the past ..... For in depth Grumman Goose coverage, you may wish to vist: Goose Central, on my links page.24
Grumman Goose G21 FSX / Acceleration / XP /Tested The Grumman Goose was originally designed to fulfil a most unique role.25
The Grumman Goose is known as "the flying-boat workhorse," says Bill Yearwood of the Transportation Safety Board.26
The Grumman Goose is that kind of plane, and the story of aviation in Alaska and western Canada would not be the same if this sturdy flying boat 27
The real Grumman Goose was only manufactured between 1937 and 1945 with several doing duty during the war and later most serving as amphibious passenger carriers throughout North America.28
Grumman Goose is a tail wheeler, and standard F9 panel view you can Not see the runway use the VirtualCockpit (F9) do Not rev 29
Hello, I´m modelling the Grumman Goose from the Czech Model kit in 1/48th scale. The wing parts of the kit show the surface structure like covered with fabric.30
The only freeware Grumman Goose I'm aware of is Mike Stone's smile.gif
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4.93 m
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11.74 m
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640 mi
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5.6 m-s
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34.9 m²
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494 m
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