Gee Bee Model Z
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The Granville Gee Bee Model Z was an American racing aircraft of the 1930s the first of the Super Sportster aircraft built by Granville Brothers Aircraft of Springfield Massachusetts with the sole intent of winning the Thompson Trophy. In this it was successful setting a speed record for land-based aircraft. However it soon suffered a fatal crash during a world speed record attempt starting the reputation of the Gee Bee aircraft as killers.

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non-flying replica 1931 Gee Bee Model Z (built c. 1990). That replica was re-painted black & white with "NA73" designation for its appearance later in the film. Info courtesy Ed Cook.2
The Gee Bee Model Z air racer #4, “City of Springfield Massachusetts”, won the 1931 Thompson Trophy (National Air Races at Cleveland, Ohio) at a record average speed of 236.3
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Gee Bee Model Z and Model R-1 on the Cleveland Site Fortunately, Cleveland sells the plans for BOTH the Model Z and the Model R-1.5
FSX Gee Bee Model Z Supersports for replica for FSX SP2/Acceleration.6
Gee Bee Model Z during inspection at the Granville Brothers factory and hanger. Zantford and Robert Granville are pictured near the propeller.7
#AR004 - Gee Bee Model Z classic Air Race aircraft and winner of the 1931 Thompson Trophy race Rare Bear - Racing F-8F Bearcat 8

Made by Granville Brothers Aircraft.

Gee Bee Model Z on Race Course Gee Bee Model Z on nycairspeed.9
The Gee Bee Model Z was created - and in 1931 won the Thompson Trophy race in Cleveland, Ohio, showing the world that the Granville Brothers could build the fastest 10
The Gee Bee Model Z “ City of Springfield” - Built in 1931, the Gee Bee Model "Z" was powered by a single Pratt & Whitney R985 Wasp Jr.11
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NR77V / 4 (cn T4) A Gee Bee Model Z replica built by Bill Turner and Ed Marquart on display at the 1979 EAA Fly In.13
replicas of the Gee Bee Model Z (built by Kevin and Jeff Eicher) and Wedell-Williams racers and the McCullocoupe, another hot-rod casserole of 1930s aesthetics and 2000s power.14
#AR004 - Gee Bee Model Z classic Air Race aircraft and winner of the 1931 Thompson Trophy race Pukin' Dogs Transition - F-4 to 15
^ The Gee Bee Model Z replica built for the film has a number of significant changes with an extended fuselage and greater wingspan.16
Empty Weight Lb
Robert Hall (aircraft designer)
Eng 1 Type
Max Speed Mph
Prop Dia Ft
Cruise Speed Mph
Developed Into
Gee Bee Model R
Span In
Gross Weight Lb
Number Built
Prop Blade Number
Unit Cost
000 USD
Range Miles
Prop Name
Curtiss Reed fixed pitch
First Flight
Eng 1 Name
Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Jr.
Prop Dia In
Height Ft
Span Ft
National Origin
United States of America
Wing Area Sqft
Length Ft
Prime Units
Similar Aircraft
* Hughes H-1 Racer
Eng 1 Hp
Eng 1 Number
* Gee Bee Model R
Length In

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