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The Fokker 100 is a medium size twin-turbofan airliner from the Fokker company. Low operational costs and almost no competition in the 100-seat short-range class made it a best seller when it was introduced in the late 1980s but decayed due to increasing competition. Production ended in 1997 with 283 airframes delivered. In August 2009 229 Fokker 100 aircraft remained in airline service with 47 airlines around the world.

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The Fokker 100 design was announced in 1983 as an updated replacement for Fokker's popular, but superseded F28 Fellowship design.2
Fokker 100 Technical Specification Cabin Height : 2.3
FOKKER 50 FOKKER 100 AIRCRAFT OVERVIEW INTRODUCTION Fokker Services, established in 1996, as the product support supplier for Fokker aircraft, continues to fully support the worldwide community of these 4
Fokker's largest aircraft, the Fokker 100 is a stretched and modernized version of the smaller F-28 fellowship.5
The Fokker 100 came into service in 1986. This Fokker consists of 2 engines with a capacity of 100 passengers.6
The Fokker 100 is a medium size twin-turbofan airliner from the Fokker company.7
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The Fokker 100 is based on the smaller F28 Fellowship jetliner. Development of this type began in 1960. The aircraft was intended to complement the Fokke F27 turboprop.9
The development of the Fokker 100 began in 1981, when collaboration attempts failed with McDonnell Douglas. Development costs of the aircraft almost sent the company to bankruptcy.10
FOKKER 100 DOG T-SHIRT by ZuluFlightThe Fokker 100 is a medium size twin-turbofan airliner from the Fokker company.11
well the Fokker 100 is more desingned to compete Embraer' or better known as E jets well the Airbus A320 family 12
outfitted Fokker 100 private jets—ideally suited for hard-to-reach destinations and flexible itineraries.13
Fokker‘s largest aircraft, the Fokker 100 is a 100 seat jet airliner based on the F-28 Fellowship.14
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Made by Fokker.

It is the successor of the Fokker F28 Fellowship ,

Fokker 100 is the predecessor of the Fokker 70.

Fokker 100 Next Generation - Prospects Assuming that the 24,541 kgs Fokker 100 has a more weight efficient structure than the current 28,080 kgs Embraer 190, 17
The Fokker 100 country of origin is Netherlands. It is a 100 seat regional jetliner.18
Anyone else planning to order the plans for the Fokker 100 featured in Flying Models (sep 2002)? I've considered the former/stringer approach to a transport jet but always thought that it would look 19
The Fokker 100 is a 107 seat, twin jet, regional airliner which first went into airline operation in 1988 and is still in service all over the world.20
DAE (Dutch Antilles Express) Fokker 100 Super Loud takeoff! at St Maarten DAE (Dutch Antilles Express) Fokker 100 Super Loud takeoff! at St Maarten * Order: Reorder 21
Gmax Fokker 100 in the works! And then something unexpected happened: Project Fokker 100/70 decided to make a high detailed Fokker 70 for FS2002.22
In this detailed look at the Fokker 100 you join the Chief Pilot (Fokker fleet), Captain Ian Lawrie and First Officer Euan McLean.23
Fokker 100 was certificated by the United States Federal Aviation Administration as the Fokker 28-0100.24
Fokker 100 filmstripGuided Tour of externals.... Next we join Ian at our aircraft (G-BXWE) for a guided tour of the externals of the aircraft.25
The Fokker 100, a twin-turbofan aircraft which can seat up to 107 passengers, was manufactured during 1988 through to 1996 and a total of 278 were built.26
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The Fokker 100 plane is one of the most reliable passenger planes in the world. Many firms were involved in their production. The engines are built by Rolls Royce.28
the arrival of the TSS Fokker 100 RR-Tay Soundpack for FS2004.29
Fokker's largest aircraft, the Fokker 100 is a 100 seat jet airliner based on the F-28 Fellowship, but stretched and thoroughly modernised.30
The ground course for the Fokker 100 type rating is carried out at the FSB training facilities in Schoenhagen (about 35 km south of Berlin).31
Zenon are currently looking for Fokker 100 First Officers for a European contract to start immediately.32
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