Defiant 300
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The Defiant 300 is a prototype aircraft of the Philippines developed in cooperation with the PADC Philippine Air Force and the PASF. The project was made possible through the Capt. Panfillo Villaruel the man who designed the aircraft. The first prototype was completed in 1986 and had its maiden flight in 1987 which lasted a little more than an hour. The Defiant 300's fuselage was composite construction (wood and fiberglass) and was powered by a 300hp Lycoming piston engine.

* Defiant 300, a prototype aircraft of the Philippines In other uses: * Defiant (G.I.1
Villaruel designed the Defiant 300 model light plane made of wood and the Hummingbird to show the government that the country can produce an aircraft with the use of local 2
1980s, and a prototype (the Defiant 300) was built with wood and fiberglass components and a 300 hp Lycoming piston engine.3
Alt text Defiant 300 under construction The Defiant 300 is a prototype aircraft of the Philippines developed in cooperation with the PADC, Philippine Air Force and the PASF.4

Defiant 300 prototype? At saka if the Defiant project was a copy of an another existing aircraft, it should have end up the same like the Hummingbird.5
Description: Defiant 300 as COIN and CAS plane dstryer23 - October 16, 2006 01:40 PM (GMT) :snipemo: :patrioticpinoy: I read an article about the defiant 300 w/c was 6
The Defiant 300 undergoing inspection in December 1986. The prototype first flew in February, 1987 and and the test flight lasted about an hour.7
Panfillo Villaruel
Number Built
Prime Units
Eng 1 Hp
Eng 1 Number
First Flight
February 1988
Eng 1 Name
Textron Lycoming IO-540-K1B5
Unit Cost
National Origin

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