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The Curtiss Robin introduced in 1928 was a high-wing monoplane with a 90 hp (67 kW) V8 OX-5 8-cylinder engine built by Curtiss-Robertson. It was later fitted with the more powerful Challenger engine which developed between 170 and 185 hp (127 and 138 kW). NOTE: Model B (90 hp-67 kW Curtiss OX-5 engine) Model C-1 (185 hp-138 kW Curtiss Challenger engine) and Model J-1 The J-1 version was flown by Douglas Corrigan as well as The Flying Keys.

I am trying to find plans for a curtiss robin with wing span of around 72inches or more. I have looked all over the net but came up with nothing. any help will be appreciated.1
Alt=Photo of VH-JUV a Curtiss Robin J-1 at Gawler airfieldPhoto of VH-JUV a Curtiss Robin J-1 at Gawler airfield VH-JUV a Curtiss Robin J-1 at Gawler airfield.2
I am seeking a copy of the plans for a Curtiss Robin sold in the 1920s and 30s for home builders.3
Does anyone know if the Flyline Curtiss Robin kit originally came with instructions, or only with the rolled plans? Thanks, Phil Reply With Quote 4
Description: Texaco 1929 Curtiss Robin Airplane Die-cast Bank, 6th in the Wings of Texaco Airplane Bank Series, produced in 1998. Comes in its original box with its certificate.5
borrowed Curtiss Robin baptized “Old Miss,” and for the next 27 days stayed aloft.6
* Curtiss Robin Checking out of the 2010 AAA/APM Flyin at Blakesburg Iowa0:18 Add to Curtiss Robin Checking out of the 2010 AAA/APM Flyin at 7
This is a 1929 Curtiss Robin project in overall fair condition. The fuselage frame is in good condition as are the wings, but the sheet metal is probably good only for patterns.8
Main Big photo Wikipedia: The Curtiss Robin, introduced in 1928, was a high wing monoplane with a 90 hp (67 kW) V8 OX-5 8-cylinder engine built by Curtiss-Robertson.9
Texaco 1929 Curtiss Robin Plane 6th in Series - Stock H122 This is the latest in the "Wings of Texaco" series and has definitely gotten a bad rap because of the 10
1929 Curtiss Robin Airplane - propellor1929 Curtiss Robin Airplane - overhead1929 Curtiss Robin Airplane - coin deposit1929 Curtiss Robin Airplane - undercarriage1929 Curtiss Robin Airplane - bank door1929 Curtiss Robin Airplane - tail detail1929 Curtiss Robin Airplane - 11
Curtiss Robin logged a total of 990 hours during the 3 l/2 years it was owned by the company.12

Made by Curtiss-RobertsonCurtiss-Robertson Aircraft Company.

Wings of Texaco 1929 Curtiss Robin Airplane-6th In The Series See larger image and other views Share your 13
Curtiss Robin Balsa Wood Model Plane, For R/C, LookLook Terms and Conditions for using our site Curtiss Robin Balsa Wood Model Plane, For R/C, LookLook 14
This 1928 Curtiss Robin is the oldest one known to exist. It was the third one built at the Curtiss Robertson Airplane Plant in a suburb of St.15
com: 1929 CURTISS ROBIN C-1 - GREAT OPPORTUNITY - $75,000 - AircraftForums.16
Curtiss Robin aircraft is officially licensed by Adolph Coors Brewing Company and is a limited edition release! Features include all metal die-casting, durable glossy paint, die-cast metal coin 17
The sleek 1929 Curtiss Robin monoplane was designed by the Curtiss Robertson company as a three seat commercial monoplane.18
Terry Bowden's Blog: Curtiss Robin videos on the Internet = Posted in Members | September 12, 2010 This article is from Terry Bowden's Blog Barnstmr's Random Aeronautics, 19
215 Curtiss Robin Over 50 Laser Cut Parts Our line of walnut scale planes (17-1/2" wingspan) are so chock full of quality features, that building has once again become part of the fun.20
Lindbergh flies the Curtiss Robin in United States.21
single engine Curtiss Robin airplane on June 4th, 1935 the Keys flew on for weeks landing in exhaustion on July 1st, 1935.22
$7,500, the three-person Curtiss Robin monoplane was considered the "aristocrat of small ships.23
Jet Or Prop
Height Alt
2.37 m
Length Alt
7.83 m
Power Alt
* List of military aircraft of the United States* List of civil aircraft
Range Main
480 mi
Loaded Weight Main
Max Speed Alt
Type Of Prop
liquid-cooled V-8
Max Speed Main
100.5 mph
Cruise Speed Main
84 mph
Ceiling Main
Number Built
Unit Cost
500 U.S. Dollars
Loaded Weight Alt
Cruise Speed Alt
Area Main
Primary user
Span Alt
12.49 m
Plane Or Copter?
Curtiss OX-5
First Flight
Climb Rate Main
Power Main
90 hp
Number Of Props
Climb Rate Alt
2.0 m-s
Length Main
Span Main
Area Alt
20.71 m²
Range Alt
Empty Weight Main
Ceiling Alt
109 m
Height Main
Empty Weight Alt

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