Berliner Helicopter
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Original source: Deutsches Bundesarchiv (German Federal Archive), Bild 102-08944
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The Berliner Helicopters were a series of experimental helicopters built by Henry Berliner between 1922 and 1925. The helicopters had only limited controllability but were the most significant step forward in helicopter design in the USA until the production of the Vought-Sikorsky VS-300 helicopter in 1940. The 1922 flights of the Berliner and the de Bothezat H1 were the first by manned helicopters.

* The Berliner helicopters at the National Air and Space Museum * Berliner helicopter at College Park, Maryland * Berliner in the 1
1924 Berliner helicopter flies for 95 seconds More ... 1925 A thermite reaction was used to break up an ice jam More ...2
A Berliner helicopter of that period was put on permanent exhibition in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington. It is designated: “1924 Berliner Helicopter No. 5.3
Berliner Helicopter experiments at College Park, circa 1924 (photo courtesy Smithsonian Institution).4

Berliner Helicopterby Unknown24" x 18" Ships within 24 hours Early Morning Fishing Early Morning Fishingby Unknown20" x 16" Ships within 24 hours A View To 5
Berliner Helicopterby Unknown24" x 18" Ships within 24 hours Plane Planeby Paul Gibson13" x 13"Usually ships same day We're Putting the ""Stings"" in America's Wings! 6
Sort photos of Berliner Helicopter by version Berliner Helicopter Sort photos of Bernard 190/191 by airline Sort photos of Bernard 190/191 7
The Berliner Helicopter, designed by father-and-son team Emile and Henry Berliner, is a triplane-appearing aircraft which had mated a Nieuport 23 fuselage with two counter-rotating rotors and had 8
Empty Weight Lb
Henry Berliner
Gross Weight Lb
Height In
Rot Number
Rot Dia Ft
Max Speed Mph
Eng 1 Name
Bentley BR2 Rotary
Height Ft
Span Ft
National Origin
United States of America
Length Ft
Prime Units
Similar Aircraft
* de Bothezat helicopter
Eng 1 Hp
Eng 1 Number

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