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The Bell 222 is a twin-engined light helicopter built by Bell Helicopter. The Bell 230 is an improved development with different engines and other minor changes. A cosmetically modified version of the 222 was used as the titular aircraft in the US television series Airwolf.

Corporation, Silverlit’s brilliant Bell 222 represents one of the most well known commercial choppers in the world.1
Bell 222 Aircraft For Sale Bell 222 = 15,000+ Aircraft | Daily Updates | Email Alerts 2
Scale Bell 222 for sale = Posted by Dave Cole on June 10, 2002 at 01:10:56: I'm not sure is it's ok to 3
Bell 222 helicopter ads page at Classic Aircraft Classic Aircraft Homepage Bell 222 helicopter Spare Parts at Classic Aircraft = 4
Just type Bell 222 cockpit in the search option.5
As I admired this Bell 222 and I asked him what kind of time is involved in assembling and painting a bird like this.6
These Bell 222®'s features top grade fiberglass body and prebuilt all wood mountings. The inside mechanics is the best selling Century®50 size ARF Scale Mechanics (CN1000S-50).7
* The Silverlit Bell 222 is a 3-channel ready-to-fly infrared remote controlled helicopter, suitable for operation indoors * Steer the helicopter by simply 8
Funkey Bell 222 (30 size) body the web site says to cut the pitch arm . But does not say were or by how much.9
The Bell 222 is a twin-engine light utility helicopter designed and manufactured by Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc. of the USA.10
here my Bell 222, Mechanic is Hirobo Eagle 60 size. I'm inviting all Bell 222 owner (gas or electric) to post ur picture here, Thanks.11
Bell 222 Fuselage for T-Rex 400 Bell 222 Fuselage for T-Rex 400 Bell 222 Fuselage for T-Rex 400 Bell 222 12
for 2010, Flying Toys brilliant Bell 222 is bound to attract favourable attention from micro helicopter fans, featuring an electronic heading lock gyro system for superb directional stability!...13
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Made by Bell Helicopter.

Bell 222 is the predecessor of the Bell 430.

(D-HHSM) Ambulance Helicopter Bell 222 departing from the helipad at the Children's Hospital in Sankt Augustin near Bonn.17
- FunKey pre-painted Bell 222 in Red with retracts - Sceadu Evo 50 with silver Quick UK head setup and the Hirobo delrin main/counter gear and metal radius block.18
Where is the original Bell 222 Airwolf Helicopter that was in the original 1980's series "Airwolf" at now? = My boyfriend & I were wondering what ever happened to 19
The Bell 222® is an excellent semi-scale model for all to enjoy.20
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Silverlit Bell 222 RTF (85979) shipping: low-priced RC Models at SILVERLIT BELL 222 RTF IR RC REMOTE CONTROL GYRO HELICOPTER £45.22
the Bell 222 the tail drive is of the straight wire type.23
Results 1 to 10 of 17 Rotary Wing Thread, Bell 222 UT in Aircraft; Hi all, Just thought I'd give you a little peek at what I will be starting work on very shortly. ...24
Bell 222 Military Version Trex 600 = Tags: Fun Key, Airwolf, Bell 222, Electric Conversion, Trex 600 25
The fabulous Bell 222 has graced the skies of the world for many years and is a popular scale subject for modellers .26
North America - Bell 222 for Sale = Home > North America > Helicopters > Turbine > Twin Turbine > Bell > 222 Showing Results: 17 27
The Bell 222 project was announced in 1974 - with the aim of producing a high performance twin-engine helicopter for civil operation.28
The Bell 222 was made famous by the television show Airwolf where the series' main character is a helicopter based on the 222 with fictional high-tech modifications such 29
Reload this Page Bell 222 collective - is it different? User Name Remember Me? Password Forgotten your Username/Password? 30
So for the base release of the Bell 222 for FS2004 and FSX, the gauges will be default Bell 206 gauges and we'll be using the 3 or 5 engine flight model until custom 31
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