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The Avro 707 (also known as Type 707) was a British experimental aircraft built to test the tailess thick delta wing configuration chosen for the Avro 698 jet bomber later named the Vulcan. In particular the low-speed characteristics of such aircraft were not well known at the time. Aerodynamically it was a ⅓-scale version of the Vulcan.

After proving the design with the Avro 707 in 1949, the prototype Vulcan B1, fitted with Olympus engines, first flew on 30 August 1952.1
Aircraft Stands | Paint Shop | Avro 707A WD280 | Registration Department | Aircraft in Storage | Rocket Scientists 360° multimedia presentation (opens in a new window) Catalina wings 2
Avro 707 and Vulcan bomber.3
Avro 707 Avro Vulcan BAC TSR.4
Avro 707 was obvious as an aerodynamic test vehicle for the Vulcan. The Sherpa seems to me to do as similar function for the EE Lightning.5
Avro 707 • BAC TSR-2 • BAe EAP • Boulton Paul P.111 • Bristol 188 • Cierva Air Horse • Fairey Delta 2 • Handley Page HP.88 • Handley Page HP.115 • Hawker P.6
Avro 707, were produced to test and refine the de...7
Avro 707A "Vulcan Wing" (1949) = Avro 707A "Vulcan Wing" - Project X - 1 Project X Logo 8
Avro 707a Vulcan research aircraft reg WD280 British Vulcan aircraft flying over a thatched roof house A view of a British Vulcan aircraft flying over 9
Avro 707C Photograph at Classic Aircraft = There are over 120 photographs in the image gallery of old aeroplanes.10
called AVRO 707, in 1948. Although the first AVRO 707 prototype crashed on 30 September 1948, the test flights provided massive data for the Type 698 project.11
concept, that a small-scale research aircraft, the Avro 707, was built to test the characteristics of the airframe. The full-scale prototype Type 698 made its maiden flight in August 1952.12
Derwent Mk8 turbojet engine, the Avro 707A was capable of high subsonic speeds, with an intended design speed of over 500 knots (920 km/h).13

Made by Avro.

from the Miles M50, Martin Baker/3/4/5 etc, Avro 707, SR177, Boulton Paul 111/120, Fairy FD1/2 and the stories which lie behind them.14
JX-01 Avro 707 Vulcan JX-01 Avro 707 Vulcan 15" $15.15
of aircraft types including SC1, P1127, Kestrel, Avro 707, FD2, Vulcan and the HP115 and BAC 221 slender delta Concorde research aircraft, Clive Rustin was appointed CO of Avionics Research Flight and later OC 16
The Avro 707 (also known as Type 707) was a British experimental aircraft built to test the tailess thick delta wing configuration chosen for the Avro 698 jet bomber, later named the Vulcan.17
The Avro 707 was a British experimental aircraft built to test the delta wing design for the Avro 698 jet bomber (later to become the Vulcan), and was 18
The Avro 707 was a British experimental jet, first flying in 1949.19
The Avro 707 was an experimental aircraft built to test the delta wing later incorporated into the Vulcan. This photograph was taken at Farnborough in 1953.20
The origins of the Avro 707 are intertwined with those of the Avro Vulcan.21
At least one Avro 707 ended up in Australia, Melbourne I think from memory? Recent photos of the two remaining Avro 707s are on Airlines Net.22
I know he flew some of the Avro 707 variants, and was Shorts' CTP for the Belfast Wander00 is offline Reply Old 29th Jul 2009, 15:18 23
Several scale aircraft, designated Avro 707, were produced to test and refine the delta wing design principles. The Vulcan B.24
The Avro 707 was designed for research purposes with the intention of eventually using them as jet trainers, to provide pilots with experience of handling a delta-winged aircraft 25
thus, the small-scale Avro 707 was produced to test the principles of the design. In flight, the Vulcan was an agile aircraft for its size.26
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