Ambrosini SS.4

The SAI-Ambrosini SS.4 was an Italian fighter prototype developed in the late 1930s but never mass produced. The radical design for its day featured a canard-style wing layout and a 'pusher' propeller. Although intended as an air-superiority interceptor the SS.4 never entered service because the design suffered from numerous faults which caused the prototype to crash-land killing the test pilot.

* (RU) Ambrosini SS.4 in Уголок неба. URL consultato il 29 gen 2010.1
Ambrosini SS.4 Modellhersteller: Cunarmodel , Material: Resin , Herstellerland: Italien , Bauepoche: 0 (ungebaut) , Themen: Jäger Wk2 , Text: Die S.S.4 war ein Prototyp eines Jägers mit Druckpropeller.2

Made by SAI AmbrosiniSAI-Ambrosini.

employé comme centre d'essai pour Ambrosini SS.4, l'avion avançé de bobard, qui s'est écrasé dans le deuxième vol et le projet a été abandonné.3
Sergio Stefanutti
Primary user
Number Built
First Flight

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