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The AQM-60 Kingfisher developed by the Lockheed Corporation was a target version of the USAF's X-7 test aircraft. The X-7's development began in 1946 after a request from the USAF for a Mach 3 unmanned test vehicle. This unmanned test craft eventually evolved into the Kingfisher when the need arose for a target to test anti-missile systems such as the SAM-A-7-MIM-3 Nike Ajax SAM-A-25-MIM-14 Nike Hercules and IM-99-CIM-10.

Made by Lockheed.

It is the successor of the Lockheed X-7 .

Developed From
Lockheed X-7
Lockheed X-7
First Flight
April 1951
Primary user
United States
National Origin
United States

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