Sikorsky S-40

The Sikorsky S-40 was an American amphibious flying boat built by Sikorsky in the early 1930s for Pan American World Airways at a cost of $250 000 dollars it was the largest commercial airliner of its time and the world's largest amphibious aircraft.

The Sikorsky S-40 had laid the groundwork for Pan Am’s Latin American route system, but Pan Am was never fully satisfied with its compromise design,.1
Sikorsky S-40 in photo.2
The Sikorsky S-40 was placed in operation by Pan American World Airways in 1931.3
Sikorsky S-40 preparing for departure The flight crew, pilot, co-pilot, flight engineer, navigator and radioman in their blue uniforms and white visored caps marched out and 4
Sikorsky S-40 American Clipper departs Miami Dinner Key for the inaugural flight to Cristobal, Panama Canal Zone.5
The Sikorsky S-40 was the first Clipper series aircraft and the first four engine seaplane ever, Trippe, in keeping with the nautical traditions, named the first plane he 6
Pan Am initially used Sikorsky S-40 flying boats, but in 1936 Pan Am asked the Boeing Company to design the first commercial Atlantic aircraft-the Boeing B314, of which Pan Am had six, allowing them 7
Sikorsky S-40 and S-42, the Martin M-130, the Boeing Model B-314, and Sikorsky's final seaplane, the VS-44A, which last served commercially between Long Beach and Catalina Island! 8
* Sikorsky S-40 - successful 28-passenger flying boat (1931) * Sikorsky S-41 * Sikorsky S-42 - four-engine flying boat * 9
Ford Trimotor and Sikorsky S-40 flying boat carry tourists. Buildings, harbor, and streets of San Juan in Puerto Rico.10
Pan American Sikorsky S-40 American Clipper NC-80V flying boat Vintage Postcard CHANNEL FLYING ON TARMAC USD $ 19.11
introduced the Sikorsky S-40, the first American Clipper. When it began to fly, record after record was broken for performance in the air.12

Made by Sikorsky Aircraft.

With 38 seats and a crew of six, the Sikorsky S-40 flying boat was the largest U.S. airliner of its time.13
* Sikorsky S-40 - successful 28-passenger flying boat (1931) * Sikorsky S-41 * Sikorsky S-42The Sikorsky S-42 was the first real transoceanic 14
the earlier Sikorsky S-40 that flew in 1931, Igor Sikorsky and Charles Lindbergh, working at the time as a Pan American Airways consultant, laid out plans for a new, 15
Photograph shows a Sikorsky S-40 at an airport. The airplane is on a boat launch ramp next to the water. Location is in Florida.16
Based on the earlier Sikorsky S-40 that flew in 1931, Igor Sikorsky and Charles Lindbergh (who...17
Departure preparation of a PAA Sikorsky S-40 at the Pan American Terminal, Miami, Florida Old postcard size 14x9 cm Printed by: Curt Teich & Co., Inc.18
photograph taken by Clyde Sunderland featuring a Sikorsky S-40 on route from Miami to Havana, Cuba 1932. See Sikorsky S-40, Miami to Havana, Cuba 1932, Clyde Sunderland enlarged or framed.19
later Pan Am acquired the large four-engine Sikorsky S-40, which was piloted on its maiden flight from Miami to Panama by Charles Lindbergh.20
Sikorsky S-40, S-42 including rare footage of Sikorsky's last seaplane, the VS-44A. Excellent item or gift for the Pan Am aviation enthusiast.21
in the temple, made us build the Sikorsky S-40 model in absolute darkness, using as materials bamboo sticks and rice glue. Those were the times.22
Sikorsky S-40s, 10 Sikorsky S-42s, 3 Martin M-130s, and 12 of the giant Boeing 314s) and they operated from 1931 through 1945 flying around the earth on regularly scheduled routes (the 23
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