Fiat CR.32

The Fiat CR.32 was an Italian biplane fighter used in the Spanish Civil War and World War II. This nimble little Fiat was compact robust and highly manoeuvrable and gave impressive displays all over Europe in the hands of the Pattuglie Acrobatiche. The CR.32 fought in North and East Africa in Albania and in the Mediterranean theatre. The CR.32 saw service in the air forces of China Austria Hungary Paraguay and Venezuela.

The Fiat CR.32 was a pre-war Italian biplane fighter that first saw service in China and the Spanish Civil War, remaining active into WW2.1
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was pleasantly surprised to receive its Fiat CR.32 in everyone's-well, almost everyone's -favorite scale. For a mass produced item, this is a decent model.3
Fiat CR.32 Aces of the Spanish Civil War (Aircraft of the Aces) Categories: E-Books Fiat CR.4
(Czechoslovakia) Name of Model: Fiat CR 32-Chirri Kit #: 108 Type of Box: Printed Date of Model: 1960's Condition of Box: Near mint Condition of Model: Mint Comments: A hard to find Italian between the 5
built, Celestino Rosatelli's Fiat CR 32 saw action with Italian volunteers and nationalist forces during Spanish civil war with impressive results and was still in service with Regia Aeronautica in 6
Aircraft of the Aces #94: Fiat CR.32 Aces of the Spanish Civil War = by Alfredo Logoluso Aircraft of the Aces #94: Fiat CR.7
The FIAT CR.32 emerged as the most successful combat aircraft of the Spanish Civil War, achieving considerable success over more modern types such as the I-16. Adored by its pilots, the FIAT CR.8
Fiat CR.32 Aces of the Spanish Civil War Aircraft of the Aces = Fiat CR.9
The Fiat CR-32 is an Italian biplane that was used in the Spanish Civil War & early WWII.10

Made by Fiat.

Fiat CR.32 is the predecessor of the Fiat CR.42.

(Italy) Name of Model: Fiat CR 32 Kit #: none Type of Box: printed folded Date of Model: 1960's Condition of Box: top mint, bottom minor faults Condition of Model: mint Comments: This aircraft is unavailable 11
Le Fiat CR.32 est un avion de chasse biplan italien, utilisé pendant la guerre d'Espagne et la Seconde Guerre mondiale.12
Fiat CR.32 the Fiat CR.42 Falco ("Falcon") first flew in mid 1938 and entered service with the Regia Aeronautica in 1939 just in time for WWII, the CR.13
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Fiat CR.32 – włoski samolot myśliwski z lat 30. XX w., wykorzystywany podczas wojny domowej w Hiszpanii oraz w początkach II wojny światowej. Samolot został oblatany 28 kwietnia 1933 r.17
Die Fiat CR.32 war ein italienisches Doppeldecker-Jagdflugzeug von 1933.18
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Fiat CR 32/42 in Action Military Book Squadron SignalFiat CR 32/42 in Action Military Book Squadron Signal: The Italian Fiat CR32/42 biplane fighters were the last, and arguably 20
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Hungarian Air Force
Spanish Air Force
Height Main
2.36 m
Celestino Rosatelli
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*List of military aircraft of Italy
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Height Alt
Fiat CR.42
Max Speed Main
Ceiling Main
800 m
Loaded Weight Alt
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22.1 m²
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Power Alt
600 hp
Fiat A30 RA-bis V12
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Climb Rate Main
9 m-s
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Fiat CR.42
Length Main
7.47 m
Span Main
9.5 m
Area Alt
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485 mi
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*Polikarpov I-15
Max Speed Alt
224 mph
*Fiat CR.42
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