Bell 214
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The Bell 214 is a medium-lift helicopter derived from Bell Helicopter's ubiquitous UH-1 Huey series. The Bell 214ST shares the same model number but is a larger much-modified twin-engined derivative.

The Bell 214 machines can operate at maximum payload up to 14,000 feet density altitude.1
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BELL 214ST TWIN ENGINE HEAVY HELICOPTER DIMENSIONS Length: Width: Height: Main Rotor Diameter: Fuselage: 49.10' Fuselage: 10.20' 14.15' 52.3
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The Bell 214ST is a medium-lift, twin-engine helicopter descended from Bell Helicopter's ubiquitous UH-1 Huey series.5
A Bell 214, intermediate-lift helicopter of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army Aviation (IRIAA).6
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Bell 214ST SuperTransport (Iraq AF-28166) at the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum, MCAS Miramar, San Diego, California Bell 214ST SuperTransport, Iraq AF-28166, Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum, MCAS Miramar, San Diego, 8
fratello maggiore Bell 214ST, con cui condivide lo stesso numero di modello, ma che è molto più grande.9
The Bell 214 ST ( Stretched Twin, then Super Transporter ) is a major redesign of the original Bell 214 B with a larger, stretched fuselage with seating for 16-18 passengers.10
Bell 214ST helicopters would then be built in Iran. In the event 296 214A models and 39 214C models were delivered, before the Iranian Revolution ended the plans for Iranian production.11

Made by Bell Helicopter.

It is the successor of the Bell 204-205 .

The Bell 214B-1 is PJ's Big Lifter.12
A Bell 214ST of Helicopter Air Transport Type medium-lift helicopter Manufacturer Bell Helicopter Maiden 13
Die Bell 214 ist ein mittelschwerer Hubschrauber von Bell Helicopter, der aus der Bell UH-1-Serie abgeleitet wurde.14
Bell 214 from McDermott's Aviation used for firefighting in Australia and overseas. Helicopters-175.jpg Helicopters-172.15
Bell 214 er et amerikansk helikopter, utviklet for Iran som en forbedret variant av Bell 205. Bell 214A fløy første gang 13.16
Bell 214ST starting in strong winds at Statfjord Bhttp://wn.17
Bell 214 B1 has a lifting capacity of just under 3 tones.18
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Bell 214A Imperial Iranian Army Aviation I built this model back in 1992 to keep me busy while my wife and I were having our first child.20
The Bell 214 is a 16-seat medium lift utility helicopter powered by a single Lycoming turboshaft engine.21
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Jet Or Prop
Developed Into
Bell 214ST
Bell 204-205
Length Alt
Max Takeoff Weight Main
Power Alt
Range Main
255 mi
Loaded Weight Main
Height Alt
3.90 m
Developed From
Bell 204-205
Cruise Speed Main
Max Takeoff Weight Alt
Ceiling Main
Type Of Prop
Span Main
Cruise Speed Alt
Height Main
Primary user
Span Alt
15.24 m
Plane Or Copter?
Lycoming LTC4B-8D
First Flight
Loaded Weight Alt
Power Main
Number Of Props
Empty Weight Alt
Length Main
Range Alt
Similar Aircraft
* AgustaWestland AW139
* Bell 214ST* Bell 204-205* Bell 212* UH-1 Iroquois* UH-1N Twin Huey
Empty Weight Main
Ceiling Alt
000 m

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